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Christmas Gift Ideas 2019!

This is a list of gift ideas that we hope you can use to help simplify the holiday shopping season for loved ones and friends that you are buying gifts for. There are a number of different gift ideas from members of my family that should cover off most people that you would be buying gifts for. Have a wonderful Christmas season! The McHenrys (Adam, Katherine, Victoria and Baby William.)

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Q3 2019 Market Update

By now most of you are familiar with the new fee-based discretionary accounts we introduced at the beginning of the year. With this type of account, you delegate investment decisions to me (your portfolio manager), including what securities to buy and at what price. Over the summer, we created a new discretionary portfolio called Yield & Growth designed to avoid duplication and provide further diversification for our clients.

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The August 2019 Monthly Client Newsletter is Now Available!

In this month’s newsletter you will find information related to: - Key Dates to Keep in Mind! - Idea Corner: Bank GIC versus Insurance GIC – What’s the Difference? - Market Performance Review: July 2019 - Chart of the Month: Negative Interest Rate World - Article of the Month: Investors lost twice as much as the market last year