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Latest From Our Blog

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The June 2019 Client Monthly Newsletter is Now Available!

In this month’s newsletter you will find information related to: - Key Dates to Keep in Mind! - Idea Corner: Protecting Your Family – Beware of Bank Sold Mortgage Life Insurance Market Performance Review: May 2019 - Chart of the Month: Mortality - Perception versus Reality - Article of the Month: How Much House Can I Afford?

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Q1 2019 Quarterly Market Update

Our portfolios performed as expected, protecting capital in the selloff in late 2018, while participating in the recovery in the first quarter but not as aggressively as the broader market. Our advice to clients is to maintain conservative positioning through emphasis on higher quality securities and defensive sectors.

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2019 Canadian Federal Budget Update

Recently, Prime Minister Trudeau's Liberal government tabled its fourth federal budget. Although tax rates remain unchanged for both individuals and corporations, and there were no significant measures broadly impacting the taxation of individuals, there are a few line items in the budget that are worth highlighting.