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Church & Charity

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Social Impact Bond Investing "The Invisible Heart"*

TVO Documentary - Three centuries after Adam Smith coined the term "the invisible hand", The Invisible Heart tracks the birth of a new financial market that promises to solve society's most complex problems. An unorthodox marriage between capitalism and charity, Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) raise private capital to fund social services. But what happens when we pay private investors a profit for helping society's most vulnerable? (External Video Link)

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The Value of Charitable Giving

Dying is not a popular topic of discussion, for obvious reasons, but it is a reality of life. However, planning for your estate ahead of time can be very rewarding for you and your loved ones, as it provides the individual and their family peace of mind as time passes.

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ATRI 2019 Presentation: Understanding Your Investment Fees and Responsibility as a Treasurer

Presentation Agenda • About the Presenters • What we do… • Checklist: Questions to Keep in Mind! • Your Responsibilities as Treasurer • Key Takeaway from Presentation! • Tendering, Oversight & Due Diligence (“Presentation Roadmap”) • Understanding your Fees and are they Competitive? • Proof, investments are consistent with the Organization’s Values • Sub-Delegation of Investment Decision Making • Financial Security & Lasting Legacy for Clergy • Next Steps! • Continuing Education