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Church & Charity

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In memory of Father Francis G. Morrisey*

On May 23rd, 2020 the Catholic community lost Father Francis G. Morrisey (Father Frank). Father Frank was an expert in Canon Law and was an invaluable resource in understanding the role that personal conscious plays and the forming of a morale decision. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know Father Frank and am forever grateful for his mentorship and counsel. He will be sadly missed by the catholic community. The embedded video is from Father Frank's 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award given to him by the Catholic Health Association of the United States. Please take a moment to view and hear more about Father Frank's life and to share in his wisdom.

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Podcast: Faith or Fear*

Listen to the first 2 minutes and 40 seconds to gain insight into the Covid-19 impact on investors. There is no denying that headlines, fear and rhetoric surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) have become the primary driver of investment performance the past several weeks. While the duration and volume of COVID-19 virus-related news is yet to be determined, we continue to counsel investors to control what they can control. Investors should be mindful that perspective matters, to remain poised and patient in their decision making, and to trust their investment process. "Be on guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong." Peter (1 Corinthians 16:13)

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Social Impact Bond Investing "The Invisible Heart"*

TVO Documentary - Three centuries after Adam Smith coined the term "the invisible hand", The Invisible Heart tracks the birth of a new financial market that promises to solve society's most complex problems. An unorthodox marriage between capitalism and charity, Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) raise private capital to fund social services. But what happens when we pay private investors a profit for helping society's most vulnerable? (External Video Link)