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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a household investable asset minimum?

Are my Assets protected at Manulife Securities?

What other financial services can you provide besides Investment Management solutions?

What is Adam McHenry's background in the investment industry?

What organizations oversee the professional activity of Adam McHenry as an Investment Advisor?

What is your Investment Philosophy?

What are your fees?

What due diligence do you perform in selecting and monitoring investments?

I have chosen to invest my assets with more than one Advisor. I believe that this strategy will protect me if one of the Advisor's financial institution or investment strategy fails. - Why would I consolidate my assets with Adam McHenry and his team?

Who is Manulife Securities?

Who is Manulife?

Manulife is a leading Canada-based financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States. Our international network of employees, agents and distribution partners offers wealth management products and services including individual life insurance, group life and health insurance, long-term care services, pension products, annuities, mutual funds and banking products. We provide asset management services to institutional customers worldwide and offer reinsurance solutions, specializing in property and casualty retrocession.

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